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------This year, you exhibited your works at a reception for a car manufacturer's event and other party venues, and provided images of your works for a dance costume. It seems that the clientele who see your art is broadening, but based on this, is there anything you think has expanded your future possibilities?



Yes, for example, I have done dance costumes in collaboration with a textile design brand, but this was the first time for me to express art on stage. It was like a new life being breathed into the work.

A picture that doesn't move moves, of course, in a raw way that is different from video or animation.

I strongly believe that this was an opportunity for me to have more possibilities. I thought it would be very interesting to see how the work would be expanded by other senses that are in a sense different from my own will, such as the addition of stage costumes.

It was gratifying to know that my works could be seen by a variety of audiences again. I was happy and excited to have another range of expression in addition to that, and felt that I wanted to challenge myself with spatial production as well.

The works I paint on canvas are important as my own expression, and in addition, I felt the urge to think about how to express a place where the space is governed by the work of art.

I would like to try my hand at spatial production with an expression that is more artistic than visual design.


------We are beginning to see more possibilities for your spatial production as an artist.

That's indeed how I feel. Nowadays, AR is linked to human movement, and there are collaborations with sound where the virtual space changes in accordance with the sound, so people are experiencing more and more. I personally collaborate with engineers in my design work, so I feel very close to them too. This has also influenced me to create unreal worlds within the real installation-like images in my head, and such images are one of the elements of the paintings I create.

I would like to create such a space where what is happening in my head is represented in the real world exactly as it is, and so things that cannot happen in the real world occur.

I want to express something that is a little different from the real world.


------A possibility of expression. Interesting.


------Visual design work to be commercialized and the creation of art as self-expression.

At this stage, what kind of areas do you feel are influencing each other and are different?

Well, "painting" is in common in both cases, and there is no such thing as one being more or less conscious than the other, but I feel that the brain I use is different.

The sensitivity I use is the same, but the brain I use is different. I just have a body that has to have both.

I am able to sustain myself through my two main activities. The design work I have been doing for many years, in which I try to answer clients with my own sensibility and present what I think is the best way to express myself, and the production of art, in which I express my own sensibility and my will, which is not based on anyone else's opinion.


I believe that the more one's ability to express oneself in design work increases, the more one can reflect a broader and deeper thought, and by working on what is called client work, one can see not only the work itself but also the whole picture, and see one's work from a bird's eye view when one holds a solo exhibition or expresses oneself in some other way. That is why I need both.



------Rather than saying that they influence each other, it is more like there is this and there is that, and both are important and work well with each other.

Yes, I think that leads to my mental strength.

The experience of doing live painting for long periods of time, as well as the physical strength I have gained from doing client work in a limited amount of time, has also helped me develop my ability to pace myself. I believe that the ability to concentrate on production and the physical strength to devote oneself to production are also things that have been honed through my past experiences, so I believe that both are essential.

------It is Kanako's character because she values both.

Yes, that is so.


*Dance costumes design


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