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------​Now, regarding the "naturally" series, which you had not yet presented at the time of our interview two years ago. This is also very popular series, and we are often asked questions about it. I have heard about the main part of the concept, "Whatever form it takes, it is a person's natural form, so let's respect one's own characteristics," but please tell us a little more about it.

I think that "naturally", broadly summed up, expresses "self-affirmation". It expresses a mindset in which one's naturalness, one's true nature, feels beautiful.

I think that is self-affirmation.

------Is there a reason in a daily life that cued to your current expression?

I have always felt a sense of doubt and discomfort about what is said in the world, such as "normally it is...," Although each human being is born with his or her own emotions and miraculous individuality, I don't know if it is appropriate to say "socially," but I have always felt that people are trying to change themselves to be normal against their will with this concept of "normal," and that there is an atmosphere around them that says, "That's a little bit strange, isn't it?"

It is not a criminal offence, but I feel uncomfortable or bit caught up about unique characteristics or individuals with rich sensibilities are called strange or told how they should be normal.

Such matter happens on one’s appearance, body-shape, gender, etc.

Everybody is a baby when they are born, a human all alike. Human nature can not be mentioned without a discrimination and other dark topics.

But I don't mean to say, "Let's get rid of discrimination!”What I want to tell people is to be more confident in themselves.

I want people to feel strongly that their will is beautiful and good.This positive expression is what I wanted to express in "naturally".

And in this "naturally", how should I say it, I want to express a thick colored, glittering passion.

------Yes, after all, it's not that this is wrong or strange...

It is not about raising the issue of eliminating discrimination, but a very positive expression of oneself, and it is what makes oneself so beautiful. It's a work that expresses the positive power of oneself and the viewer can catch it.

It is not about thinking for oneself or being told by other people, well, you can be told from other people, but after you listen, you have to feel for yourself. I feel taking these steps appropriately is one of the elements of my consistent theme of "never stop thinking.”

------All of your series have that something in common.



------About an art fair. How was Art Miami you participated at the venue two years ago?

Speechless! It was just wonderful! I have been participating in several art fairs in Japan before, but this was a great opportunity to experience the global scale. The number of days I spent there was not enough. I would have liked to have spent much more time there.

I have felt the world's level of quality.

I was able to experience "This is what is happening in the world right now!"


Even after I return to Japan, I am still conscious of what I felt, and although I have had my work exhibited at Art Miami every year, I wonder what the atmosphere will be like this year, how I will look in the local atmosphere each time, and how I will be able to express myself at the venue.

And I feel that I have to keep my motive high and strong.

After all, I could see the difficulty of rubbing shoulders with people from around the world, the challenges and points to reflect on, and it gave me energy for the future.

------Your feelings were strengthened by experiencing the world's top venues firsthand.


naturally 12, 2023
アクリル・キャンバス 50 x 72.7cm


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