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------Next, let's talk about your recent solo exhibition "MOVE" that just ended.

You exhibited only blue works from "REBORN series". Please tell us about how you felt when you completed all works and during their creation.

I have always wanted to create a space with only blue artworks, and I have talked about it with people around me, but I have not been able to find a sufficient purpose for what it would be for, or a clear timing for when it would be held.

I had a desire to hold a "blue solo exhibition," but I wondered what kind of firm will it would take to realize it. 

In the year and a half since then, after my solo exhibition "Existence" last year to "birth", so many things have happened around me, both in my work and private.

As an image, there is my core, which is made of various blues that I use, is furiously circulated by things that are happening around me. 

Inside me, “Never stop thinking” is the big theme of my expression, but how should I say it, the band of width for the nature of my thought was going back and forth between heaven and earth.

Based on this experience, I was able to clearly see the meaning, reason, and intention of the event and how to express the blue, the core color of the event. This was the timing for the decision to hold "MOVE".

Making one step, moving forward, start moving, timing of everything as such has coincided to express the “blue solo exhibition”. I believe I have achieved to properly express my reason to move forward or reason I will continue to paint in this exhibition.

------So this exhibition also felt like it had to be held at that time.How did you face your works during creation?

When I was creating the works, I was always conscious that the works themselves must be reborn, or "evolve," as the name of the exhibition title, MOVE, and the theme of the work, REBORN, suggest, so I was basically thinking about how to express that. I experimented with above themes and accumulated various factors. Even though I was experimenting, there was never a time when I painted something that was not quite right, and I was satisfied with the finished work because my will was firmly set.

However, I had a lot of trouble over the creation, thinking about how to evolve in terms of the way of creation, both in my head and in my actions.

------A lot of hard work has fruited a very good exhibition.

After all, I had to have this hard time.

I feel that I had to do what I had to do.

Nothing is wasted. There are some painful parts of course, but it is serious. Well, I am sure that everyone is serious about what they do...

-----You are very sincere in your expression.


Yes, it is not that I don't have time to do this and that.

I have always been conscious that I am facing the task of painting.

-----The exhibition was a space where everything that had accumulated was reacting to each other.

I felt the same way from the reactions of my solo exhibition visitors. Those who had seen my work before said, "It changed for the better!” or "Did you have a chance to change?" and I was impressed that many people felt my change of mind, consciousness, and evolution.

When I talked to them, some people sunk deep into the world of works, some people have sympathized with their past and present lives and there were people who visited the exhibition three to four times.

There were people who talked about their families and others cried in front of works.

One time, a visitor who works on female medical area saw my work and said “It is not cold, but feel as if warmly wrapped.” She was very convinced when I explained “The motif of this expression comes from mother’s womb.”

Seeing the reactions of the visitors who came to the exhibition and saw the works, I realized that there are things that can be conveyed.

-----There were variety of reactions, but the fact that there were moments when the visitors were able to see and feel your mind and thoughts was the result of your sincere efforts.

It was a space where a visitor can experience your expressed feeling towards your works.




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